Experience L’ESSENCE, a collection of pure essential oil fragrances

You love wearing fragrance but hate the fact that many fragrances today are made with synthetic ingredients. This is why Karine Wascher, the creator of L’ESSENCE has designed this unisex collection of highly vibrational pure essential oil scents. She calls them “spirit scents” because every scent combines the energetic properties of pure essential oils with the evocative power of fragrance to awaken your primal essence. This exclusive unisex collection is born of a fierce passion for the potent qualities of pure essential oils.

Karine also infuses every bottle with an energy ritual to heighten the distinctive properties of each natural ingredient. She began creating her own personal essential oil  fragrance blends and was constantly asked to make small batches for friends and family. She realized that offering her personal blends to the world would be a way to honor the gifts of mother nature. Her french lineage was the inspiration for the name L’ESSENCE, which highlights the power of our unique vibrational imprint. Pure essential oils have been used for centuries to improve people’s wellness journeys. Karine created L’ESSENCE as a unisex collection for everyone to enjoy. What’s more, L’ESSENCE scents can be layered to create your own signature fragrance.


L’ESSENCE spirit scents are free of synthetic ingredients, parabens, parabens, phthalates, sulfates or other potential skin irritants which makes them hypo allergenic.

  • No synthetic fragrance ingredients, free of parabens and toxic chemicals
  • Pure grade essential oil ingredients carry unique vibrational qualities to enhance your experience
  • All scents are unisex
  • All scents can be layered to customize your personal blend
  • All scents are energy infused
  • Handcrafted with love in the US
  • Each scent is exclusive to L’ESSENCE
  • Never overpowering, these scents are intimate and personal
  • Hypo allergenic